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Guntur Pincode / Post Office Search (GUNTUR, Andhra Pradesh)

Abbineniguntapalem S.O 522015GunturAndhra Pradesh
Amaravathi S.O 522020GunturAndhra Pradesh
Ananthavarappadu B.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh
Ankireddypalem B.O 522005GunturAndhra Pradesh
Brodipet(Guntur) S.O 522002GunturAndhra Pradesh
Budampadu B.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh
Bus Stand(Guntur) S.O 522001GunturAndhra Pradesh
Chamallamudi B.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh
Chandramoulinagar S.O 522007GunturAndhra Pradesh
Chintapallipadu B.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh
Choutra(Guntur) S.O 522003GunturAndhra Pradesh
Donka Road(Guntur) S.O 522002GunturAndhra Pradesh
Etukuru S.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh
Factories Ward S.O 522003GunturAndhra Pradesh
Garapadu B.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh
Gogulamudi B.O 522015GunturAndhra Pradesh
Gorantla B.O 522034GunturAndhra Pradesh
Guntur Bazar S.O 522003GunturAndhra Pradesh
Guntur Collectorate S.O 522004GunturAndhra Pradesh
Guntur H.O 522002GunturAndhra Pradesh
Jonnalagadda B.O 522034GunturAndhra Pradesh
K.C.Works S.O 522502GunturAndhra Pradesh
Kakumanu S.O 522112GunturAndhra Pradesh
Katrapadu B.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh
Kopparru B.O 522015GunturAndhra Pradesh
Koritepadu(Guntur) S.O 522007GunturAndhra Pradesh
Kornepadu B.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh
Kothapeta(Guntur) S.O 522001GunturAndhra Pradesh
Kurnuthala B.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh
L.W.Works(Guntur) S.O 522007GunturAndhra Pradesh
Lalpuram B.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh
Lam Ars B.O 522034GunturAndhra Pradesh
Lam B.O 522034GunturAndhra Pradesh
Layola Nagar B.O 522005GunturAndhra Pradesh
Lemalle S.O 522016GunturAndhra Pradesh
Nagarjuna Nagar S.O 522510GunturAndhra Pradesh
Nallapadu S.O 522005GunturAndhra Pradesh
Namburu S.O 522508GunturAndhra Pradesh
Nehru Nagar(Guntur) S.O 522001GunturAndhra Pradesh
Nutakki S.O 522303GunturAndhra Pradesh
Old Guntur S.O 522001GunturAndhra Pradesh
Pallapadu B.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh
Pedakakani S.O 522509GunturAndhra Pradesh
Pedanandipadu S.O 522235GunturAndhra Pradesh
Pedapalakaluru B.O 522005GunturAndhra Pradesh
Pedavadlapudi S.O 522302GunturAndhra Pradesh
Perecherla B.O 522005GunturAndhra Pradesh
Ponnekallu S.O 522018GunturAndhra Pradesh
Pothuru B.O 522005GunturAndhra Pradesh
Prathipadu S.O (Guntur) 522019GunturAndhra Pradesh
Railpet(Guntur) S.O 522001GunturAndhra Pradesh
Ravipadu B.O 522015GunturAndhra Pradesh
Tadepalle S.O 522501GunturAndhra Pradesh
Tadikonda S.O 522236GunturAndhra Pradesh
Trunk Road(Guntur) S.O 522004GunturAndhra Pradesh
Tulluru S.O 522237GunturAndhra Pradesh
Vangipuram B.O 522015GunturAndhra Pradesh
Vengalayapalem B.O 522005GunturAndhra Pradesh
Vinjanampadu B.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh
Yamarru B.O 522017GunturAndhra Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.